Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm digging a hole

I am digging a hole in the Ceiling

I am digging a hole in the ceiling
in order to gaze at the sky,
I began at the end of September,
I intend to be done by July

I suppose I might look out the windows
but they aren't sufficiently clean,
and it's far too much trouble to wash them,
for I haven't the proper machine.

I could leave by the door if I chose to,
I am sure I'd succeed if I tried,
but the handle's been stuck since November,
and the weather is nasty outside.

So, I'm digging a hole in the ceiling
to study the sun and the moon,
I suspect it will take until summer,
for I'm using a very small spoon.

From "Something BIG has been here" by Jack Prelutsky

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