Monday, April 12, 2010

Spotlights and Contests

This week is National Library Week! Come celebrate with us! If you don't have a library card, now's the perfect time to come in and sign-up for one. If you do, now's the perfect time to come and use it - but then, when isn't the perfect time to use your library card?

Today, 12 April 2010 we're participating in Spotlight 2010 - a glimpse of how people are using their libraries. There's a survey at the front desk that you can fill out to let us know why the library is important to you and what you use from the library. Come fill one out to be a part of the Spotlight 2010 - TODAY ONLY!

From now through the end of April you can enter the National Library Week Contest!

It's a contest in which you try to guess when all of the construction work will finally be completed - that is everything, including painting and carpet for the newer section of the building as well. After the crews are gone, we'll take a look and see who came the closest to the actual date. Be sure to add the date and time you make your guess, because those will be used as a tie breaker if more than one person gets the date right.

Prize: A book from Friends of the Library - not one from the used book sale, but a brand new book of your choice, cover price $35 or less!

Limit: One entry per person.

Entry forms are available at the circulation desk. Good luck!

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