Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Construction, construction, construction

Library staff will feel some relief to have the library closed for the next few days of construction. It has been a long 7 months, so far, trying to work around barriers, dust, drilling, noise, moving books & desks, and runs to the academy. Work on the Carnegie portion was supposed to be finished before they started work on the main level, but now that construction is behind - everything is going at once and the staff are getting squished beyond measure. There is no place to put anything and some staff don't even have a desk anymore. The carpet laying is encroaching into our work area bit by bit and on top of that, they've started working on the counter tops at the same time. Getting the new book drop in was no joy either - drilling through brick for 3 days! We hope construction has moved away from the circulation desk when we open again Tuesday. If they aren't, it is going to be a very bad day at the library. We are crossing our fingers they have the carpet and counter tops done in that area, at least, before we open again Tuesday June 1st. We know from experience it is going to be a very busy day, especially since we will have been closed 5 days in a row. That is the most we have ever been closed in the 20 years I have worked here. A hint - come to the library later in the week if you can, things will be quieter then (we hope).

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