Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stress Levels

I now know what it must be living in a house that you are trying to remodel, it must be a living hell... can I say that? Well, maybe it isn't that bad, but it is definitely frustrating. I am sure you may have even felt that way when you've come to the library lately. Can you find anything? Since our long closure over the Memorial weekend, everything seems to be happening at once. It would have been nice to have those painters and counter top guys finished before we opened the doors again.

Yesterday morning, the counter tops were just finished enough that we could get the computers back up and going just before the doors opened for the day. It was a busy, busy day because people had missed the library the days we were closed. We did a lot of business and we were tired. At 4 pm the contractor tells us that the painter is coming Wednesday (today) morning at 6 am and that we have to have all the books off the shelves in the areas they are painting. I thought there was no way we could have them cleared off in time, but Elizabeth and Connie got a good start on it last night and early this morning. I don't know where they got the energy.

So when you come to the library today, you'll run into shelving on the floor, new paint on the walls, the LDS, classics, Spanish videos, and some large print - gone for awhile. We even had 30 chairs lined up in the mystery section today because they decided it would be a good day to get those out of storage. The shelves in the children's department are all out of order and the paint will be there tomorrow. We even have orange cones in the library! Watch your step!


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Brigham City Carnegie Library said...

It sounds like a good week to be on vacation :)