Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thanks for the memories!

A Night to Remember
We held our Renovation Open house on Monday, June 21st and it was a wonderful success. All who attended the ribbon cutting and reception enjoyed a wonderful evening. It was so good to see support from our current and former mayor, city council members, library board, literacy board and current and former employees. We had representatives from Rob Bishop's office and from Homeland Security(FEMA) attending also. Everyone was "wowed" by the open floor plan upstairs and the beautiful wood work.

I owe many huge thanks to the staff members who helped on the Open House committee. They did a tremendous amount of work on their personal time to make preparations. Thank you to Kelly for the wonderful refreshments and to Roxanne for the fun, entertaining games including a library photo scavenger hunt and a name the staff contest. Diane acted as our master of ceremonies for the ribbon cutting and Joyce sent out all the invitations. See our facebook page for photos of the event and for lots of construction photos as well.

We are still working on our time capsule. The staff is feeling the pressure to include things that are meaningful and significant to the project, the library in general and the year 2010. We have some amazing items so far and will be placing the time capsule in the wall sometime during July.

As a staff I think that we breathed a huge sigh of relief to have the project behind us and we just want to get back to the business of the library.
Michele, Children's Librarian

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