Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello! Is anyone out there?

I spend some time each week thinking about what to write on our blog, which leads me to the question, "Does anyone ever read it?" I do get comments from the staff sometimes so I know that they read it but I am wondering about everyone else out there in the amorphous cloud of Internet space.

I have had comments from people whose sites I have linked to and a few others too. They are pretty few and far between though. I wonder what it would be like to be dooce or some other famous, making a living by blogging, writer. We write what interests us and what is on our minds. I find myself saving articles on library/reading topics for fodder on the weeks when my mind is just not coming up with a topic. Which brings me to my point, is what we are writing about interesting and worthwhile? If you are out there and reading our blog, what topics would you like us write about?

Drop us a comment and just say "Hey! I'm out here listening."
Michele, Children's Librarian


Me said...

I read the blog. You are on my facebook, so I always get a post when you update your blog.

I find the blog interesting. :)

Reichart said...

It's hard to write for a faceless audience, and not surprising that you wonder if anyone is listening (or reading, in this case). Yes, I read you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading us! We try and be entertaining and informative :)