Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amputees at Bushnell Hospital

We have a lot of history to be proud of in Brigham City and Bushnell Hospital is part of that history. It is very hard to come up with information about the hospital; you have to do some searching, it can't be found in just one book or any book at all, that I am aware of. I am always glad to see college students doing their thesis on the hospital because they are usually very nice to share them with us - we have a couple. We also have a few oral histories of people who worked there. Maybe the window of opportunity was missed as many of the people who could tell us about the hospital are gone now.

Max, the son of an amputee who was treated at Bushnell and who later worked with other amputees in rehabilitation, recently came to the library looking for information about the hospital and the names of some people who were there with his Dad. Max shared photos of a group of amputees at the hospital and some going on an outing. Since then, he's also found 6 1/2 minutes of video footage from his father's 8mm movie camera and another 18 minute production entitled "No help wanted" amputee rehabilitation 1945. He's been nice enough to share this with us also. If you would like to see these, go to and search for "Bushnell Hospital" - the second two entries are from Max. I notice that some comments have been made by people who knew someone in the videos - maybe you will too.


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My mother Pvt. Rose Stanukinas worked at the hospital during WWII.
She has a scrap book of pictures of the injured vets and newspaper articles about the war. Rose is still with us, having turned 90 years old this past April. She has always said that these were the most meaningful and happiest times of her life.