Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Traveling Somewhere Else Part 3

I am sorry for my lack of imagination writing on the blog, once again, so you are stuck with the final part of unique travel websites.


This is a great travel portal with access to hotels, airfare, vacation packages, and restaurants. The best part of the site is the more than 30 million ratings ranging from excellent to terrible, with written reviews from travelers. Many will upload photos of their hotel rooms or the view from the window,typically not the ones found in the hotel advertising. The hotel meta-search check for the lowest prices on seven popular travel Web sites. Users may sign up for a newsletter to receive updates and special deals for a specific city.


This is a service for those who prefer to let a professional travel agent do the work for you. It asks basic questions about your vacation plans and then refers the information to three travel agents who specialize in your vacation destination. There is also a directory of travel agents.


Yelp is a social-networking site to share information about one's city, whether it is restaurants, shopping, festivals, spas, or other places or events. It's designed around the city, so the Salt Lake City page, for example, will list the food, entertainment, and services in that area. Reviews offer a one-to five-star rating; map; list of features (hours, price, kid-friendliness, alcohol or not, etc.) and comments from subscribers.

From Booklist April 1, 2010

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