Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buying a car

Spring is coming, maybe, and along with it comes the desire to hit the road in a new car. Imagine yourself taking the curves along a coastline and the sun shining down on you in your super red convertible sports car. The April issue of the Consumer Reports is already here so you can look at the best and worst cars of 2011. A website that might also help in you in your search is This best-of-show consumer car buyer's site was among the best of 2010 reference websites and is the web's largest and most informative electronic car lot.

Substantive and unbiased information is gathered from consumers and automotive industry experts to provide comprehensive information in all areas of interest to potential automobile buyers and sellers. The site includes video reviews, consumer reviews, a list of top tens, current news, and tips from the Car Talk boys (Tom and Ray). The site will even let you compare up to four vehicles side by side and is invaluable for evaluating multiple cars and trucks. Once you have located the vehicle of your choice, you can plug in your zip code to search local inventories.

Happy car shopping (if you can afford gas)!

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