Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video Games

It is time, once again, to look into the purchase of computer software and video games for our patrons to checkout. It is very difficult to decide what platforms to purchase for (XBox, Nintendo, Wii, etc...) and which titles our patrons will be most interested in. We want to purchase products, within library collection policies, that are used and enjoyed by as many people as possible. We do not want to purchase things that just sit on the shelf. Video games can be expensive so I want to make the best choices for the limited amount we can afford. I'd like your input - what would you like to see the library purchase?



hyderabad deals said...

Oh wow! love the video games..:)

Mariah Elena said...

I believe many people enjoy scribblenauts for Nintendo DS. Mario games are always popular. In fact, Super Mario Galaxy 1 (I don't know if 2 is out yet) was very well-received on the Wii console. I don't know much about Final Fantasy, but I know it's popular, and I know there are a lot of them. Just Dance and Just Dance 2 are very fun on the Wii. We play that sometimes in school (but learning comes first, I assure you).

Just some ideas!

Brigham City Carnegie Library said...

Thanks for the suggestions.

I'll be sure the librarian that orders the video games sees your comment!

Brigham City Carnegie Library said...

Thank you for your suggestions! I didn't seem them until after I went shopping, but I think I lucked out and got some of the titles you mentioned. I got a great tip to visit GameStop in town. The clerk gave me some wonderful help and I got games at a bargain. I'm so excited to get them ready for check-out.

Mariah Elena said...

You're very welcome! :) I am excited to play them. Thank you for being such great librarians.
Have a great summer.