Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Losing my mind

Have I titled a blog this before? I probably have. I seem to be losing my mind all the time lately. I spend a majority of my time looking for items I've misplaced at home and at work. I would have so much time to use if I wasn't wasting it looking for something. It upsets my whole mental state trying to work back through my mind to the last instance I had the item. How can something be here one moment and gone the next? Many times it is because I put them in a spot where I think I could find them easier, and sometimes it is because I stuck them in something completely unrelated. The lost things only seem to surface once you've fessed up to someone, you've replaced them, or you no longer need them. So, you may be wondering why our sign outside has not been updated lately and its because I've lost the key to open it (and we only have one). I've fessed up - our city maintenance person (Bob) is going to have to pick the lock and try to make a new key. I'm sure as soon as he's done this, I'll find the key.


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