Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday nights are gardening night

Wow! how did Wednesday get here so fast? Time to write for the blog again and I'm clueless today. So I'm just going to remind everyone of the gardening classes the library is holding each Wednesday night through April 20th. Last week we had Barney Barnett from Willard Bay Gardens talk about grasses for the garden. He brought along a lot of his loyal followers and a pansy for each person in the glass. Tonight we had Glen Bradbury from Alpine Gardens talking about Landscape Design and this group got a full hour and a half of expertise on designing their gardens. Next week, Delia Barnett from Willard Bay Gardens will show everyone how to plant hanging baskets and how to garden with containers. You won't want to miss that one as they are giving a hanging basket as a door prize. April 20th, Barney will be back to talk about new and exciting perennials. The weather is going to warm up soon and you'll want some good information under your belt on how to get started planting your garden.


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