Thursday, November 17, 2011

Storytime Review

We are Thankful for Veggies!
This week our theme for Story Time classes was Vegetables. We started the class looking at some unusual veggies and fruits like artichokes, persimmons, tomatillos, pomegranates and jicama. Most of these were new to the children, although a few knew what they were, except for the persimmon, some of the moms didn't know that one. I guess since they don't grow around here they aren't a popular thing with Utahns.

We read Up, Down and Around by Katherine Ayers, Potato Joe by Keith Baker, Vegetables by Honor Head, Olivers Vegetables by Vivian French and Food for Thought by Saxton Freymann. I also told the story "The Turnip" using the flannel board.

We had a fun time doing some relay games with potatoes. Who knew that three year olds would be so cute trying to walk with a potato between their knees. I tried using the song "Please Pass the Peas" from Carole Peterson's CD, H.U.M.-Highly Usable Music but the concept was too hard for the preschoolers who could pass their "pea" or could accept a "pea" from their neighbor but couldn't do both at the same time. By Wednesday classes I had scrapped this game, in favor of more potato relay variations.

We made Indian Corn using crumpled tissue paper as kernels, they turned out bright and colorful. At the end of the day we sang our "goodbye" song. I love the fact that so many parents are coming to class now. A few years ago, they seemed to stay upstairs during class time and missed all of the cute and funny things that happen when you get a dozen preschoolers together. I think it's more fun when they watch and then join in at craft time. Many of them are also very helpful and will pitch in to clean up tables and chairs, for which I am grateful.

Next week: Turkeys and Thanksgiving, of course!
Michele, Children's Librarian

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