Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Books and

It is such a fun season to purchase new books because there are so many out there now on crafts, decorating, entertaining, and cooking for the holidays. Who has time to do all those things? It is great to look through all the ideas and think you might accomplish it; I am sure some people do (but not me).
Today I put a book into the collection "Holiday" written with Matthew Mead and one of the chapters includes crafts and recipes from Stephanie Nielson of Utah. Some of you might know her from her blog   Stephanie and her husband were involved in a near-fatal airplane crash in 2008 which burned 80% of her body. Her blog enabled her friends and family to follow her long journey back to recovery. Her scars may never heal, but Stephanie says it gets a little easier every day. Despite constant physical pain, she still manages to make lunches, bathe her children and celebrate life and love (and work as contributing lifestyle editor for "Holiday"). Take a look at a few of the wonderful craft ideas and recipes she shares in this book.

You might also want to check out Matthew Mead's website for patterns suggested in this book


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