Thursday, January 26, 2012

Storytime Review

Welcome Home @ your Library
This week our Story time classes learned about houses and homes. We started off looking a pictures of different houses; beehives, birds nests, barns, burrows and even a pink house with a Hello Kitty motif. It was fun to guess who or what lived there. Then we read Baby's House by Gelolo McHugh, Knock Knock by Anna-Clara Tidholm, The Crooked Little House by Margaret Wild, The Three Little Pigs by Maggie Moore, and Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley.

Our craft followed the theme set in Purple Little Bird. I gave each child a copy of a picture of a house, then I gave them house parts in different colors to make the house just right for them. Some children liked to make their houses all one color and some like to make them as wild as possible, they all turned out pretty fun. I liked pink roofs with purple doors and lavender windows, it made me think of the house made of candy in Hansel and Gretel.

In our older classes we did a fun activity where we stuck labels on things in our classroom. Door, window, wall, carpet etc. There was even a label that said Teacher :)

Next week: Underwear!
Michele, Children's Librarian