Thursday, April 19, 2012

How far have you gone?

Go the Geodistance
Another great Earth Day related topic...
Recently I began walking again after a foot injury made me stop about a year ago. I wanted to know how far I had walked and and what speed. I found a great tool to use online at You use a map, either a street map or satellite map, of your town or the area where you walked and it allows you to trace the path you walked. I like the fact that you can use the satellite view because sometimes we like to walk on a trail on the mountain above our neighborhood. It tells you the distance. If you look at your watch when you begin and end your walk and have the number of minutes you can then calculate how fast you walked. For example, a 2.5 mph pace is a 24 minute mile and a 3.0 mph pace is a 20 minute mile.  You can then accurately figure out how many calories you burned. This certainly beats the old fashioned way of counting blocks or getting in the car and driving the same route and using your odometer.

Some instructions and features from the website include:
  • Jump directly to a location via the address search
  • Create dynamic routes by clicking on the map
  • View route distances in Miles, Yards, Feet, Kilometers, or Meters
  • Undo multiple route legs
  • Save created routes
  • Email or bookmark saved routes  
  • Find and lookup saved routes through the Find Routes function
  • Sort find results by route name, city, state, postal code, or distance,
  • Enable or disable automatic centering of the map on each mouse click
  • View latitude and longitude of points clicked on the earth
  • Export routes to a Google Earth KML file
Upcoming features:
  • Training log to track personal progress and goals
  • Upload GPS data to create routes
  • Add notes to the route on the map

If you are a walker or runner try out this great tool!
Michele, Children' Librarian

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