Thursday, April 26, 2012

Story Time Review

Birds of a feather Read together!
We had a fun time talking about birds this week in our Story time classes. We read The Roly Poly Egg by Kali Stileman, Birds by Kevin Henkes, More by I.C. Springman, Cluck Cluck Who's There? and I told the ever classic Henny Penny with the flannel board. We sang and danced to the song If I was a Bird from the CD Wiggleworms Love You. We looked at pictures of different birds and talked about how different they all are, from big or little, those that fly to those that don't and some that swim. Birds that eat worms, bugs and even carrion. Most of the kids had never heard of a turkey vulture and were pretty grossed out when I told them that they eat dead stuff, until we talked about how this can be helpful to the environment.

We made some silly bulgy eyed birds from construction paper and made wings with paint and our hand prints. Messy but fun! This wasn't the craft I orginally had planned, but who could pass up the opportunity to dip their hand into purple paint? And we managed to keep from dripping any paint on the floor, Yeah!

Next week: Caterpillars & Butterflies
Michele, Children's Librarian

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