Friday, April 27, 2012

Wait a minute Mr. Postman!

When I recently visted Philadelphia I learned that Benjamin Franklin was made the first United States Postmaster in 1775. His post office was on Market Street and is still standing today and is still used as a post office and museum of all things postal.

Did you know that the original postmark was a handwritten signature by Franklin on each letter? This office still uses a copy of his signature as their postmark.

Another interesting fact that I learned while there, is that members of Congress and the Senate have special postmark priviledges. Their postmark is also their signature! I hadn't remembered this fact until I recieved a letter from my congressman inviting me to an upcoming  town hall meeting. Sure enough, there where you would normally find the postmark canceling the stamp was his signature. That is a pretty cool perk, wish I could do that!

Michele, Children's Librarain

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