Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When is a book more than a book?

Many of the children's non-fiction books are now "media enhanced" which provides enriched content to supplement the text and photos of the book. The enhancements strive to inspire and engage young readers with a total learning experience. These "enhanced" books provide a website and a unique password that anyone reading the book can access. Once you are into the website, you can listen to sections of the book read aloud, watch video clips, link to other websites, do hands-on experiments,  word studies or take a quiz to test your knowledge.

There really isn't any good way to look up these books on the card catalog so you'll just have to keep your eyes open when you checkout a children's nonfiction book. Something on the front cover or on the copyright page should let you know there is more to the book and where you might find it on the web. We have five books in the "Ocean Life" series in the children's  NEW section that are easy to find right now. They are: Sea Urchins, Crabs, Clown fish, Sea Dragons, and Octopus.


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