Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's the law

The library has purchased a new database we hope will be of help to everyone looking for legal forms. We have many requests for forms such as a durable power of attorney, rental agreements, wills, etc. and some of these are pretty difficult to find with no cost involved. All forms through this site are specific to Utah law.

Legal Forms Library offers the most robust collection of accessible legal information available with editable forms based on those actually used at law firms. The database also includes a collection of hundreds of case law summaries. Topics are arranged alphabetically and summarize the law at the national or state level. Entries typically include additional information, such as contact information for government agencies, bibliographies for futher reading sources and links to related subject. 

There is also a legal Q&A collection with answers from qualified attorneys. All answers provide legal information, NOT LEGAL ADVICE, but provides a starting point for research.

Find this database under "Research" on our home page.


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