Monday, July 16, 2012

Visiting Carnegie Libraries

Okay, this picture was taken in Pendleton, Oregon. This building was wonderful. As you can see it is an Art Center now. I was standing on the steps waiting for my husband to take the picture and a man came out of the building and asked if we were coming in because he was getting ready to close up the center. When I told him about our Carnegie library contest he insisted on us coming in to see the building. After they built a new library in Pendleton, the Art Center raised $2,000,000 to buy the old Carnegie building and do some upgrades on it. This is a big building, we didn't get to see all of it but we saw this huge room that Michelle would absolutely love to have for a children's programming room It had a stage in it too and was and is used to put on plays. They still have the original fireplace and it is beautiful. I wished so much that I could wander through the whole building but I didn't ask, since the man had been courteous enough to ask us in to look around when he was getting ready to close.

I told him about our beautiful Carnegie library in Brigham City and he was so happy that we are still using it for a library. He said hooray for all the librarians still working in Carnegie libraries! :)

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