Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Carnegie Library!

This is the Coos Bay, Oregon Carnegie library.  It was orginally in Marshfield, Oregon but Coos Bay grew and obsorbed Marshfield.  They are in the process of renovating this building and I believe I read that it will be an art center or something like that.  This building was really pretty, I loved the palm trees out front, and you can't tell from this picture but it was built on a hill and the lot it sits on, while not a large lot, is quite pretty.  This was actually one of my husband's and my favorite Carnegies.  We tried to explore all around the building and we were peeking in windows but we decided that we had better quit before someone called the police.  You can see that to the side of the front steps there is a sidewalk that leads to a basement entrance, very similar to our library although our basement entrance is on the opposite side of the stairs.

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