Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book Sale

The closet is full! We've got to get those books cleared out so we can start collecting again. Our annual Friends of the Library Book Sale will be starting August 27th at 6 pm for all members of Friends of the Library. This opening sale lets all members of Friends get a look at the books we have for sale before anyone else - what a privilege! That means they get first choice of the items that go fast such as DVDs, computer games,  books on CD, and children's books. Do remember, Friends, that you must renew your membership each year. The price of a membership is $3 per person or $6 for a family.

The Book Sale will continue for the entire public during library hours through September 8th. On the 8th, Peach Days, we will hold our BLOWOUT sale where you can purchase a whole bag of books for $1.  If you've decided that you'd rather have an ebook so you don't have books cluttering up your house, you might check our Pinterest page for all the crafts you can make with a discarded book.

Get your Friend's of the Library Membership now and we'll see you at the Sale!


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