Saturday, October 27, 2012

Donations are a Librarians Friend?

I was looking at the msn webpage and saw an article about how a hollow book with a gun inside was donated to an Illinois library. We love donations at the library but this one was a real doozy! My guess is that the person donating the book had no idea of the true content. It looks to me like one of those fake rocks that you hide a key in or one of those fake soup cans that you use to disguise your valuables. Maybe grandpa died and the heirs were cleaning out his personal belongings. Who knows? Since the library that received the book/gun has a large volume of donations, they don't have any idea who the gun belonged to.

Fortunately, we have never had this type of book donated here at the Brigham City Library. If you want to donate a book to our library, here are some things to consider.

1. We don't want anything dirty, torn, faded, or damaged.
2. If it is outdated we can't use it. For example, those textbooks from your college class on computer programming circa 1985. These are best as fodder for your recycle bin.
3. Because of our lack of shelf space, we can't keep every book donated, for our collection. Those we don't keep, we put in the Friends of the Library book sale. Proceeds from that sale benefit the library by providing funds to make purchases not possible with our limited budget.

Thanks for donating gently-used, current titles.

Michele Schumann
Children's Librarian

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