Friday, November 16, 2012

Still Using a Cookbook?

What influences the type of cookbooks that are published these days and are cookbooks still a popular item? The type of cookbooks that are flourishing now are eco friendly, they deal with recipes for local produce, health consciousness, quick and easy recipes, cooking as a hobby, careers in cooking, and who is the latest celebrity authoring a cookbook.  Did you know that Ina Garten is considered the food mega star?

Most cookbooks are now published in book format and as a e-book. Many enjoy using their i-pad in the kitchen to show them the recipe.  People still like to checkout a cookbook at the library so they can try something different without the cost of purchasing.  Cookbooks trending right now deal with recipes without gluten, vegetarian or vegan, low acid, paleo (caveman diet), super foods (chia, kale, coconut), farm to table, and the most popular ethnic food - Italian.

You wouldn't think of this, but current popularity of certain types of cookware also influence the cookbooks being written. Right now the slow cooker, pressure cooker, waffle irons and cast iron are creating a demand for new recipes and cookbooks.

Magazines also have some sway in how cookbooks are written. Magazines started including heart healthy and nutrition information with their recipes and now cookbooks do too.

Popular blogs are also turned into cookbooks - one of the most popular is the Smitten Kitten  and the Pioneer Woman among tons of others.

Do you have a favorite cookbook or website you visit? Do you prefer the actual book or looking recipes up on the Internet? Share some of your favorites with us!


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