Thursday, April 4, 2013

Story Time Review

Giddy-Up for Story Time!

For week 3 of our Story time session we talked about horses. I was surprised when I started looking for books about horses, the library had a very small selection of picture books about horses. With no time to order any new ones I had to settle for what we had. Most of the books featuring horses also had cowboys. I didn't want this to be a class focused on cowboys so my selections were even more limited. Finally I settled on one with a cowboy Cowboy Ned and Andy by David E. Stein and Chester by Syd Hoff, Clip Clop by Nicola Smee,  and The Birthday Fish by Dan Yacarrino, which isn't really about a horse but the girl in the story wishes for a pony. I also used a non-fiction title Baby Animals: Ponies and Foals by Kate Petty.

I used the CD Wee Sing Silly Songs and played the track The Horse went Around. We joined hands and galloped around in a circle and as the song went faster so did we. This was easy but lots of fun and we were all quite tired by the end of the 6th verse.

I helped the children play a quick game of animal charades. Then we did an activity where we matched the animal to the food that they eat. Monkey goes with banana, squirrel goes with acorns etc. I explained that some horses are called Chestnut in color and then taught the children the song Tony Chestnut and we did the actions as we sang.

For our craft we created a horse with construction paper and some small bits of yarn for the mane. We added some nostrils with a black crayon and some sticker eyes. For those who wanted to name their horse we wrote the name they chose on the paper next to their horse.

Next week: Pigs
Michele Schumann
Children's Librarian

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