Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Hutzler 571 phenomenon

I thought an article in the Standard-Examiner was interesting this morning.  It was asking if Facebook was losing its edge with teenagers.  Are teenagers getting bored with Facebook and are the posts getting repetitive and boring as in the case of the Hutzler 571 banana peeler?  I am sure most of you got that post or an e-mail from one friend and then it spread like wildfire with everyone thinking it was funny and sharing it again.

I saw it and resisted the urge to pass it on. I had a feeling it was going to show up again and I didn't need to pass it on - someone else would.  At one time, I tried to forward funny things on e-mail to my children, but they don't even look at them because they saw them ages ago and I am sooooo far behind the times.  I do have friends, however, who are even more out of it than I am. They pass those old things along to me and I have empathy for them - they don't know how out of the loop they are.  After looking for "Hutzler 571 phenomenon" on the web, I can see that even mention of it on this blog is going to be going over the same old thing one time too often.

So, I wonder what the next round of social network will involve. Do you have "Facebook fatigue"?


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