Thursday, July 4, 2013

Story Time Review

Arrrrrrrrgh! It's Story Time Mateys

The fourth week of our story time session was all about Pirates. Susan asked me what pirates have to do with our Summer theme Dig into Reading and I reminded her that pirates dig up their treasures. We read Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy, A Band of Dirty Pirates by Daiman Harvey, Pirate Treasure Hunt
Watch Port Side Pirates
by Jan Peck and Dirty Joe the Pirate by Bill Harley. Of course, I used the recording of Bill telling Dirty Joe instead of reading it myself because he does a better job than anyone with that story. To hear Bill perform Dirty Joe check here. I also used the book and recording of the song Port Side Pirates by Oscar Seaworthy.  To see a fun animated video of this book and hear the tune check here . Of course I didn't use this because I just found it while I was looking up Bill Harley for this blog post! I will definitely use it in the future and show it with the projector and a laptop computer.

For a fun activity I copied the end papers of the book Pirate Pete, which features a treasure map. I cut them into puzzle pieces and hid them around the room. Then I had a child search for a piece and bring it to the front. I pinned them to the bulletin board and we completed our own treasure map. Then as we read the story and Pirate Pete visits each island the children would find it on our map.

One of the fun parts of the Port Side Pirates book is the page at the end that names the different parts of a ship like sails, anchor, crows nest, mast, life boats, rat lines, and figurehead. We looked at the different parts and discussed what each part is used for.

 Watch  Dirty Joe the Pirate
We sang the song If you're a Pirate and You Know it then created a cardstock pirate hat and a toilet paper tube spyglass telescope for our craft.

Next week:  Construction Machines
Michele Schumann
Children's Librarian

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