Saturday, November 2, 2013

Do you still use a cookbook?

I keep wondering at the popularity of cookbooks in this computer era. There are certainly tons of new cookbooks out there so there must be some demand. How do you feel about cookbooks?  Are they the place you go to find a recipe or do you find them online instead?  Do you have so many recipes to try on pinterest that you never have to open a cookbook again?

Maybe cookbooks and food magazines are more a wishful type of browsing now. We like looking at the pictures of food and thinking of all the recipes we'd like to make - sometime - when life slows down, when we have the energy to invite company over - sometime.

If you are looking for inspiration in a cookbook, then "The Pioneer Woman Cooks a year of Holidays" will certainly do it for you.  How is it that Ree Drummond can cook, share marvelous, funny stories on her blog, and take such beautiful photography?  This book feels wonderful in your hands and it is fun to flip through looking for the photos of her family and the  cute captions. Of course, the food looks great too and you know the recipes can't be low-cal.

I'm just putting the book on the shelf to be covered so it will soon be out for your browsing enjoyment. You might want to check it out so you can imagine yourself inviting over the whole clan and making several of the recipes for your next celebration. Let me know how that goes...


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