Thursday, November 7, 2013

10 Things Every Child Needs

1. Interaction = Relationship between you and your child. Engage your child's brain through personal conversation, eye-to-eye contact and gentle care.

2. Touch = How a child first knows love. Caring touch signals the brain to make a connection. Hugs and kisses are as critical as vitamins to your child.

3. A Stable Relationship with a Loving Adult = Kids need a loving trustworthy adult that they can depend on.

4. Safety = Create a place for your child to feel secure. As needed, cover outlets, block off stairs, avoid lead poisoning, keep dangerous items and chemicals out of reach. Teach them how to protect themselves.

5. Self-Esteem = Fundamental to a child's development is a sense of self. They need to hear that they are great, that they did a good job and that they are okay even if they fail when they try something new. They deserve attention and reassurance.

6. Quality Child Care = Positive and attentive caregivers who provide safety, decent nutrition and quality experiences.

7. Communication = Words, sounds and contact. The more words a child hears the more brain connections they develop.

8. Play = Everything that young children learn is through play. Play is linked with mental growth and development.

9. Music = Rhythm and rhyme. Sing to them, with them and expose them to good music.

And last but definitely not least! is...

10. Reading = Imagination and creativity and snuggling. The more reading you do with them the more they learn.

Michele Schumann
Children's Librarian

Next Week:  Is week 1 of our new Story time session  the topic will be Food/Feasting/Eating

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