Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 Reasons to Read to your Child

10 reasons to Read to your child

1. When you hold them and give them attention, they know you love them.
2. Reading to them will encourage them to become readers.
3. Children's books today are so good they are fun, even for adults.
4. Children's book illustrations often rank with the best, giving them a lifelong appreciation for good art.
5. Books are one way of passing on your moral values them. Readers know how to put themselves in other's shoes.
6. Until they learn to read themselves they will think you are magic.
7. Every teacher and librarian they ever encounter will thank you.
8. Because it's nostalgic and makes wonderful memories.
9. For a short space of time they will stay clean and quiet.
10. It makes them smarter, and who doesn't want to have the smartest kids on the block!

How to choose a children's book
     For Babies and Toddlers:
    * Choose books with simple bright pictures of familiar objects.
    * Look for simple text that has good rhythm. Try Sandra Boynton for a wonderful example.
     *Try wordless books and talk to them about the pictures.

     For Pre-school and Kindergarten:
     *Give them a classic foundation with Mother Goose, Nursery stories and Fairy tales.
     *Books with familiar situations.
     *Pictures are still very important to this age group. Look for pictures with details that follow the story.
     For Early School Year (ages 5-8):
     *Continue to read to them even when the begin to read independently! Select picture books with strong          stories and character development.
     *When choosing a book for them to read, try one with a straightforward story that employs everyday              words.
     *Try and find books with a real plot not just word repetition.
     *Try informational books, this satisfies their natural curiosity and they can learn about any subject that               interests them.

     For Older Children (ages 9-12):
     *Consider who the child is, his or her personality traits and personal preferences.
     *Make your selection with the child in mind. Choose a book in an area of specific interest.
     *This age group is reading independently very well and can be allowed to choose their own reading                 materials.

For more reading help visit

 IRA resources are available to help parents as they take on their critical role as their children’s first and most important teachers.

In the parents area, along with many other resources and links, you will find the Children's Choice Reading lists. A reading list with a twist! Children themselves evaluate the books and write reviews of their favorites. Since 1974, Children’s Choices have been a trusted source of book recommendations used by teachers, librarians, parents—and children themselves.

Enjoy your child while you can because soon they will grow up and your opportunity to sit and read with them will be gone.

Michele Schumann,
Children's Librarian

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It's also a lot of fun! Reading helps me spend time with them, when otherwise my mind might be somewhere else.