Thursday, January 16, 2014

Story Time Review

Wonderful Winter @ the Brigham City Library

We discussed playing in the snow this week in our Story Time classes. We read First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming, In the Snow, Who's been Here? by Lindsay Barrett George, Snow by Roy McKie and No Two Alike by Keith Baker.

I started the day with a big brown paper bag. We discussed things that you might need to go outside and play in the snow like gloves, a jacket or a scarf. I pulled each item out of the bag as we talked. We discussed what each item did. Keep your hands warm, or keeps you dry etc. We did several snow related finger plays and one flannel board activity with snowmen.

"Five little snowmen" flannel board activity, use 5 snowmen on the board. Remove one after each verse.
   Five little snowmen sitting by the door
   One hopped away and that left, four.
   Four little snowmen sitting by the tree
   One skipped away and that left, three.
   Three little snowmen sitting in the morning dew
   One danced away and that left, two.
   Two little snowmen having lots of fun
   One slid away and that left, one.
   One little snowman sitting in the sun
   Oh no! do you know what happened?
   He melted and that left none!

We danced along with the tune Hat, Jacket, Pants and Boots from the CD Season Sings! by Carole Peterson. We created some snowflake crowns for our craft. I cut strips of card stock 1 1/2" wide and stapled two together to make a strip long enough to go around the children's heads. Then we stapled three die cut snowflakes onto the headband. We added some silver jewels and other sparkly white beads. Then we covered the snowflakes with glue and added white glitter "snow" to each crown.  Messy but they turned out super pretty and fun. Lots of the glitter ended up on my clothes and in the kids hair, but that is part of the fun of glitter.

I sent home two take home pages. One practice writing sheet where the children duplicated the patterns shown and the other a story mat of a snowman picture. The picture included questions like "How many trees are in the picture?" or "Count all the mittens in the picture."

Next Week: Snowmen!
Michele Schumann, Children's Librarian

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