Thursday, January 23, 2014

Storytime Review

Once there was a Snowman at Storytime!

This week for our Story Time classes we read about snowmen! Our books were Snowmen at Work by Caralyn Buehner, Snowy Blowy Winter by Bob Raczka, Making a Friend by Alison McGhee, Just a Snowman by Mercer Mayer and Snowzilla by Janet Lawler. To begin our class we did a white board activity. I had drawn shapes on cards and put them in a basket. The children would draw out a shape and I would draw that shape on the board. As we combined the shapes a snowman was drawn. For example a triangle became his nose and circles became his body or eyes and squares for his hat or buttons etc. A great activity for identifying shapes.

We sang the tune of happy birthday and instead of the traditional words we gave things to a snowman.
Here's a carrot for you
Here's a carrot for you
Here's a carrot, Mr. Snowman
Here's a carrot for you!
(We also sang about eyes, buttons, scarf and hat)
I used some laminated construction paper cutouts of each item and as we sang about it, we added it to our white board snowman (I erased some details).
We also used the CD Season Sings by Carole Peterson and built a snowman and did a couple of snowman action rhymes.

For our craft we used a piece of blue construction paper and painted a snowman with shaving cream/glue/glitter paint. We added the parts of the snowman like google eyes, buttons and an orange triangle. Easy peasy craft, a little messy but since it's shaving cream, a cinch to clean up. After it dried it took on some of the color of the blue paper, so they did kind of turn purple, but what can you do?

Our take home pages included a note for the mom's about how to choose a child's book and 10 reasons to read to your child. Previously posted on our blog on January 9th. We also sent home a sheet for the kids to practicing writing wavy lines and a snowman dot-to-dot.

Next week: Circles

Michele Schumann
Children's Librarian

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