Thursday, March 27, 2014

Story Time Review

Heigh Ho! The Piggy Oh...
This week in Story time we continued our farm animal theme with pigs. We read the books Piggies by Audrey Wood, Ping Pong Pig by Caroline Church, Churchill's Tale of Tails by Anca Sandu, Piggy Pie Po by Audrey Wood, Pigs to the Rescue by John Himmelman and Happy Pig Day! by Mo Willems.

In the book Ping Pong Pig the little pig jumps on a trampoline in an attempt to fly. So I pulled out the parachute and used a pig puppet to have the children assist the pig in "flying". It was great fun to try and get the pig to jump as high as the ceiling. In the end we discovered that pigs don't fly, just bounce.

I used the same pig puppet to sing the song, Pig on her Head by Laurie Berkner. It was fun to have the children come up one by one and we sang about the pig, their name and where the pig was sitting. On noses, necks, toes and ears we funny places for our pig to sit. It goes like this...
Laurie has a pig on her head
Laurie has a pig on her head
Laurie has a pig on her head
and she keeps it there all day!

Oliver has a pig on his nose
Oliver has a pig on his nose
Oliver has a pig on his nose
and he keeps it there all day!

...and so on, until everyone who wanted a turn had one.

I looked at  the end papers of the book Happy Pig Day for inspiration for our craft. In the front of the book the character Piggy is holding a sign that says I love Pigs. In the back the character Gerald(an elephant)
is dressed up in a pig nose and is holding a I love Pigs sign. So naturally we created a I Love Pigs sign and a pig nose to wear. To make the noses, we cut a paper tube into thirds, covered it with pink construction paper then taped a pink circle to the top. Punch two holes on the sides and tie some elastic string in the holes so we could wear them around our head. To make our signs I pre-printed the words and the heart and the children colored them in. Then we just taped the paper to a Popsicle stick. We practiced saying Happy Pig Day in pig, which is, "Oinky, Oink, Oink!"  We even wore our noses and waved our signs when we sang the goodbye song at the end of the day.

Next week: Ducks
Michele Schumann, Children's Librarian

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