Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cat's in Paris

Adult Coloring Book

Sue Hill

4 Stars

February 2, 2016

I love cats and so do my adult daughters, this is definitely a book I will purchase for my daughters and a few cat loving friends. This is a cute coloring book of cat designs, especially the first few pages which show a short hair cat venturing on his vacation to Paris. The beautiful design that is on the cover of this book is definitely included inside. Every page has something fun to color – even the ones that I would categorize as “wall-paper” make me want to reach for my pens and pencils and get started. After the first few pages, the book evolves into a very well done book of cats in various poses and situations. I know many of the “situations” all too well from my years of having cats as pets. I like that there are both intricately drawn cats as well as what amounts to line drawings of cats. The former gives me a challenge in coloring in small spaces and the latter gives me opportunities to test my blending skills to create what I want of the cat. My one major issue with the book is that it is supposed to be about cats in Paris and there are only a few pictures that can be categorized as such.
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    Jan 26th, 2016

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    Trade Paperback

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    Games - General

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