Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Story Time Review

Turkey Time! @ the Library

This week for our Story Time classes we read and discussed turkeys. We read Turkey Tot by George Shannon, Albuquerque Turkey by B. G. Ford, Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano, 10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnson and Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes.

We did a turkey version of the Hokey Pokey and danced to the song The Turkey Hop by Carole Peterson from her CD H.U.M. Highly Usable Music All Year Long.   I made a turkey caller with a plastic solo cup and some string and we played a game similar to musical chairs. The children walked in a circle to some music until they heard the turkey call, then they ran and found one of  the turkey pictures that I had placed around the room and sat on it. If they couldn't find a turkey they were out and had to sit inside the circle for the next round.

Using the flannel board we recited the poem 5 little turkeys:
5 little turkeys in the butcher shop
 5 little turkeys with the feathers on top
 Along came _________ (child's name) with a quarter to pay
 He/she bought a turkey and took it away!

I gave each child a paper "coin" and as we used their name in the poem they came up and gave me the coin and got to take a turkey off the flannel board. We did start with more turkeys than 5, we had one for each child so everyone got a turn.

For our craft we made a paper bag turkey. I stuffed some shredded paper inside the bags to help them stand up a little better. I folded the tops down 1/2 way and stapled them closed. Then each child was given the parts to make the turkey. Body, eyes, beak, gobbler, legs and feathers.  As we made these several children slid their fingers inside the fold on the back of the sack and it created a puppet. They loved using them this way and we put them on our hands to do the waving goodbye song.

Our take home pages this week included a color by number turkey and a Thanksgiving worksheet about beginning sounds in words like pie, turkey, pilgrim etc.

Next week: Peek-a-Boo & Hide and Seek stories
Michele Schumann,
Children's Librarian

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